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Case Study: Advanced Drainage Resolution for Business Client by Perfect Drainage Solutions Ltd

Perfect Drainage Solutions Ltd is a premier provider of comprehensive drainage services, catering to a diverse clientele spanning domestic, commercial, and industrial sectors. With a commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, our team is equipped to tackle any drainage challenge, leveraging state-of-the-art technology and innovative solutions. Reach out to us via phone at 07817723610, email at, or visit our website at Follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and My Job Quote for updates and insights.

The Call:

We received an urgent call from one of our valued Business-to-Business (B2B) clients, reporting a significant issue with their customer's drainage system. The problem was described as severe, having already confounded the customer's own attempts to resolve it, as well as the efforts of various professional drainage services, including the local water authority. This call arrived unexpectedly late on a Friday evening, highlighting the critical nature of the situation and the immediate need for an expert resolution.

Appreciating the urgency—compounded by the additional challenges posed by the cold winter season and the complex nature of the drainage issue—we promptly offered a solution to address the problem directly at the customer's premises. Recognising the importance of quick action to prevent further inconvenience or potential damage, we proposed to conduct an on-site visit the very next day, Saturday. Our offer was readily accepted, and the appointment was swiftly arranged, demonstrating our commitment to providing timely and effective drainage solutions, especially in situations that demand immediate attention.

This proactive stance not only underscored our dedication to supporting our B2B clients and their end-users during times of need but also highlighted our readiness to tackle intricate drainage issues with agility and expertise, irrespective of the timing or adverse conditions.

Man taking a call on the phone
The Call

Innovative Diagnosis and Initial Intervention:

Our team embarked on the journey to the client's property early in the morning, prepared for the 1.5-hour drive ahead. Upon our arrival, the homeowner promptly guided us through the layout of his property and that of the neighbouring lots, providing us with valuable insights into the existing drainage infrastructure. The issue at hand was a blocked downstairs toilet, rendering it completely unusable—a situation that demanded immediate attention. Our initial inspection involved lifting all the external manholes and conducting flow tests throughout the property, which revealed no clear lateral drain serving this particular toilet. The homeowner recounted previous attempts to resolve the issue, including unsuccessful efforts to dislodge the blockage using a plunger and the intervention by the local water authority, which had conducted a thorough examination with a CCTV Drain Camera but failed to identify any faults within their infrastructure, leaving the problem unresolved.

CCTV Drain Survey using a Drain Camera
Deploying the Camera

Recognizing the need for a more in-depth investigation, we decided to deploy our own CCTV camera system to explore potential hidden connections to the main line managed by the local water authority, which traversed the front of the two properties. The visibility within the line was significantly hindered by an accumulation of debris and silt, necessitating a thorough cleaning with our high-pressure water jetting unit. This preparatory step enabled us to uncover a previously undetected blind junction connected to the line.

CCTV Drain Survey using a Drain Camera
Roping the Camera

Employing a bit of ingenuity, we attached a rope to the front of our CCTV Drain Camera and maneuvered it in such a way that allowed the camera to ascend the blind junction—a feat that would have been impossible without this creative intervention. Our suspicion was confirmed: this hidden line was indeed servicing the downstairs toilet. During our exploration, we identified the blockage, which appeared to be of a soft nature, while the PVC piping was in good condition, showing no signs of damage or wear that would complicate the clearing process. At this juncture, we carefully assessed the situation to ensure that proceeding with high-pressure water jetting through the blind junction would not cause any adverse effects. After a thorough evaluation, we concluded that it was safe to proceed with the next steps of our intervention.


Strategic Clearance and Discovery of a Hidden Manhole:

Anticipating the complexity of the task ahead, we were aware that maneuvering the high-pressure jetting hose up the blind junction would require a strategic approach, akin to the innovative method we applied with the CCTV Drain Camera. Given the natural tendency of both the camera and the hose to follow the path of least resistance, simply directing them into the main run, we faced the challenge of navigating the hose through the blind junction, which proved to be a formidable task due to the hose's highly flexible nature. Our initial attempt to replicate the rope technique used with the camera was unsuccessful, prompting us to reassess our strategy and explore alternative solutions.

In a creative pivot, we opted to engineer a stop point within the drainage line, positioned just upstream of the junction. This intervention was designed to simulate a bend in the main line, effectively guiding the hose to interpret the blind junction as a natural direction change. To achieve this, we inserted rods equipped with a semi-rigid plunger downstream from the closest upstream manhole, creating a deliberate obstruction that would redirect the flow and the path of our jetting hose. Utilizing the CCTV Drain Camera, we verified the precise placement of our makeshift barrier before initiating the high-pressure water jetting process.

To our astonishment, the hose navigated around the blind junction flawlessly on the first attempt. The success of this operation was confirmed through subsequent camera inspections, ensuring the hose had not bypassed the plunger head and was indeed ascending the blind junction towards the blockage. With the hose correctly positioned, we proceeded to eliminate the obstruction, followed by a comprehensive cleaning of the line using the high-pressure jetting system. A final inspection with the CCTV camera, employing the same rope technique as initially, confirmed the complete removal of the blockage and the restoration of the pipes to pristine condition.

During this meticulous process, we uncovered an additional discovery—a buried manhole concealed beneath the grassy area at the front of the property. We marked the location of this buried manhole for the customer, who expressed a desire to excavate it personally in the near future. This proactive measure would enable the customer to directly manage and maintain this aspect of the drainage system, ensuring long-term functionality and accessibility.


Evaluating Innovative Solutions and Client Satisfaction:

Upon concluding our work, we ensured that the customer's drainage system was fully operational, leaving them with the satisfaction of a resolved issue and the restored functionality of their downstairs toilet. This positive outcome not only addressed the immediate inconvenience but also restored a sense of normalcy to the household. The case study at hand serves as a compelling illustration of the limitations sometimes faced when relying solely on standard procedures and policies, particularly those of the local water authority, which may not extend to resolving private drainage issues.

Furthermore, this situation underscores the critical importance of innovative thinking and a willingness to employ unconventional methods in the face of complex drainage problems. The initial approaches taken by previous contractors, which were limited to rudimentary attempts at clearing the blockage, highlight a common oversight in the field: a failure to thoroughly investigate the root cause of drainage issues. In contrast, our success stemmed from a comprehensive assessment and creative problem-solving strategies, which not only identified but also effectively addressed the underlying issue.

Evaluating the outcome of this case study, it is evident that the combination of technical expertise, advanced diagnostic tools, and creative intervention strategies can lead to successful resolutions of drainage problems that might otherwise escalate. The discovery of a buried manhole during our investigation further exemplifies the potential for overlooked elements within a drainage system to contribute to ongoing issues. Marking this manhole for the customer not only facilitated an immediate solution but also empowered them with the knowledge and resources to maintain their drainage system more effectively in the future.

In summary, this case study not only showcases Perfect Drainage Solutions Ltd's ability to navigate and resolve challenging drainage issues but also highlights the necessity of moving beyond conventional approaches. It reaffirms our commitment to providing innovative and effective solutions tailored to the unique needs of each client, demonstrating the value of expertise and ingenuity in the field of drainage solutions.

For more information on our services or to discuss how we can assist with your drainage needs, please contact us at 07817723610 or via email at Connect with us on our social media channels or visit our website for further insights into our solutions and successes.

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